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The definitive photo management software... and it's free


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If you are searching for a piece of software in order to manage your photos, add comments, clasify, know all data,... JetPhoto Studio is the program you need.

JetPhoto Studio is much more than a simple photo manager and viewer. You’ll be surprised each time you use it because of its features and intuitiveness.

Thanks to JetPhoto Studio we will be able to perform lots of actions with our photos.

Organize all your photos in your HD in different albums, set importance and have all photo characteristics at a glance.

Share your photos, if you usually us Flickr, congratulations, because you will be able to publish them with just a click.

Do you think that’s all? You are wrong, JetPhoto Studio is the definitive solution and because of that, it includes much more features and options: Locate your photos in the world map and remember always where they were taken, just choose GPS options and place the by using Google Earth.

Create wonderful screensavers with your photos, wallpapers showing two photos in an original way (have a look at it in our screenshots).

If you want to create a website with your photographs, it’s just 20 seconds and one click away. Fantastic results with no problems, that’s JetPhoto Studio.

Furthermore, you can send photos to your mobile phone or any other device with infrared port. Choose your mobile and it will help you choosing the correct size for the wallpaper of your phone. It’s great, don’t hesitate, Download and use JetPhoto Studio you won’t regret it.